The Rotation Model

 What is the Rotation Model?

The rotation model is focusing on one bible lesson for three weeks. During those three weeks the students will learn the bible story through different workshops such as cooking, art, and drama.  We will also be focusing on a different mission for each lesson.


What grades are involved in rotation model?

“The Little Fish”. The 3 year olds – 1st grade will meet in the basement under the offices to sing from 9:15-9:30. This group is not involved in the rotation model instead they learn a different bible story each week.

The 2nd through 9th graders will begin every Sunday school hour in the sanctuary from 9:15-9:30 for large group opening and then will be released to their classes and/or rotations.

This is the fifth year that we will be using the rotation model; it may still be a little confusing, so we will do our best to keep students, parents, teachers and special teachers informed. The rotations will be listed on the big screen during every large group opening so the students, teachers and special teachers know where to go.

Everyone is welcome and parents are encouraged to join us in the large group opening from 9:15-9:30 during the Sunday school year. If you are interested in being a special teacher for missions, art or cooking please contact me or any member of the Board of Education. There are also sign-up sheets in the narthex at the Church.

**PLEASE NOTE: Because we are cooking for some of our rotations, it is vital that we have food allergy information on the registration form for your child(ren). In addition to the registration form, please speak with me or any member of Board of Education about any food allergies.  The food allergy information will be kept on file. 

Jody Ramberg - Director of Sunday school