Sunday School Costs

As a result of rising curriculum costs and supplies, there will be a required fee for all Sunday school students, including Sunday morning confirmation. The required costs for curriculum and supplies for this year are as follows:

 1 child $30.00 

2 children $50.00

3 or more children $70.00

 These funds will go solely to covering the cost of Sunday school curriculum and supplies. This fee should be collected before the first day of Sunday school or when you register your child/ren for Sunday school. If you have not yet paid the fee, please turn it into the church office as soon as possible.

If your family is unable to pay the full amount, there are scholarship applications available in the church office. Sunday school teachers will not be charged a fee; substitutes and assistants, and special teachers will be charged.

If your family starts to attend Sunday school after the first semester is over, you will only be charged half of the required fee.