Peace Lutheran Church

Child Protection Policy



The church recognizes that there is a growing problem of child abuse in our society and in response has designed a policy to address the issue. It is the church's goal to provide a safe, caring and trusting atmosphere where children can learn to grow. Through the implementation of our policy, we hope to heighten awareness and reduce the risk of child abuse, whether it be physical, verbal or sexual. It is also our intent to protect youth workers against false accusations.


Under the preventative measures section in the policy it states to have two adults, or one adult and one teen, in a room with children at all times in the classrooms without windows to the hallway. For classrooms with windows to the hallway, one adult in the room is okay. There will be a board of education representative monitoring the hallways during every Sunday school session. Some teachers will have a helper with them for the whole year and some will be asking you as parents to be that second person in the room. Please take this opportunity to help us out and to see what your children are learning.


For parents of younger children, please take them to the bathroom prior to leaving them under the church's supervision. These requests will help us abide by our policy. Thank you.