Weekly Offering


Peace Lutheran Church will be collecting offering each Sunday during music time or in your child’s classroom. The purpose of this offering is not to cover costs, but will be used to teach children of the importance of stewardship in our church. A portion of the Sunday school offering goes towards a local mission each year. Please involve your children in our church’s stewardship to help them understand how we are asked to give of ourselves to help out the whole community of God. Offering is also a great way to thank God for all He has blessed us with at Peace. Please encourage them to give a portion of their earnings each week. Your child’s offering will not go towards your giving statement or be added to your recorded contributions to Peace.

Due to increasing costs, your child will not receive a box of Sunday school offering envelopes; however envelopes are available in each room and in the narthex of the church, wrapped in binders.  Every child (3-year olds through confirmation) is highly encouraged to bring an offering each Sunday. Offering will be collected during music time or in their classroom. Offerings may be brought in loosely or you can pick up a Sunday school offering envelope located at the entryway of the sanctuary.