Behavior Expectations

It is not unusual to need to address behavior when numbers of people gather.  The principle of the LOGOS program is that EACH PERSON (YOUTH AND ADULT) IS RECOGNIZED AND TREATED AS A CHILD OF GOD.


The Bible tells us that, as children of God, we need to be reminded and guided.  All of us do our best when

·         Expectations are positive, clear and consistent;

·         Challenges are lofty yet achievable;

·         Positive feedback is a natural and ongoing part of our conversations;

·         Each person is valued (even when his/her behavior may be a concern);

·         Consequences are known and used.


LOGOS youth will be asked to enter into the covenant printed below.  As LOGOS parents, we are all challenged to help our children be faithful to the covenant.

The LOGOS Youth Covenant

As a Child of God

I expect to be happy and to be treated

With kindness in this room.

This means no one will laugh at me,

Ignore me or hurt my feelings.


I expect to be myself in this room.

This means no one will treat me

Unfairly for any reason.


I expect to be safe in this room.

This means no will hit me, kick me,

Push me or pinch me, or in

Any way be unkind to me.


I expect to hear and be heard in this room.

This means no one will yell, scream or

Shout, and my opinions and desires will

Be considered in any plans we make.


I expect to learn about myself in this room.

This means I will be free to express my

Feelings and opinions without being

Interrupted or punished.


As a Child of God, I will treat every person

In the room this way.


Discipline Guidelines

The LOGOS Teambuilders have adopted a discipline program based on the Precision Request Model.  It is a positive approach to discipline where the child is asked to stop the inappropriate behavior and redirected to the task at hand.  Under this program, situations will usually be resolved in less than 5 minutes allowing for the other children to be able to spend their time on their Bible study lesson, recreation or singing. 


The following guidelines will be used by LOGOS staff when dealing with discipline issues:

·         First incident:  Redirect the behavior to the task at hand

·         Example:  “Johnny, please stop talking and listen to the story being read.”

·         Second incident: Issue instructions to be followed

·         Example:  “Johnny, you need to stop talking and listen to the story.”

·         Third incident: Youth will be sent to a supervised “Time Out” area

·         Youth through 2nd grade will be assisted in completing the following questions by the Discipline Leader:

1.     What did I do wrong?

2.     Why is that wrong?

3.     What should I do?

4.     What good things will happen to me

·         Youth 3rd grade and older will complete the above questions prior to discussion his or her behavior with the Discipline Leader.  An additional essay may be requested to be copied at the discretion of the Discipline Leader answering the same questions to reinforce the appropriate behavior.  We want the child to understand what is appropriate and why.  Sample essays are available for parents to review.  

·         Once the sheet is completed and signed by the child, he or she will be returned to his or her classroom.

·         A copy of the sheet will be given to the parent at closing.  The original sheet will be kept by the LOGOS TeamBuilders.


If your child is sent to the “Time Out” area more than once, a meeting will be scheduled with the LOGOS Director, Pastor Hanson, parent(s) and the child.  Behavior improvement action plans will need to be developed.  This could include requiring your attendance at LOGOS with your child each week for all or a portion of the program. 



Expected Behavior

1. Treat everyone as a Child of God

7. Treat the church property with respect

2. Speak only kind words

8. Be kind

3. Respect everyone’s differences

9. Be safe

4. Be considerate of those around you

10. Be respectful

5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

11. Always try

6. Listen when someone else is speaking




LOGOS TeamBuilder Support

We realize that everyone has different expectations for behavior.  We hope the examples we have provided will give you some of our expectations.  It will also help to keep things somewhat consistent for our children and youth.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the TeamBuilders.  We have stressed the importance of parental support of the discipline policy and guidelines.  We will support our teachers, leaders and staff!