The LOGOS program is excited to be using the church’s bus for the upcoming year.  This will allow us to get everyone to church at the same time and eliminate the many vehicles traveling to church each week.  Three parents will be needed to escort the kids from the schools to the bus and accompanying them to church.  A transportation release will need to be completed as part of your child(ren)’s registration packet.    

If more than two discipline incidences occur on the bus, transportation will no longer be provided by the LOGOS Program for your child for the safety of all our youth. 

After School and Before LOGOS

Recognizing that some students may arrive a little early because of transportation (arriving by school bus, coming with siblings or parent volunteers), a time called “Tween Time” has been established.  During this brief time, students will be able to do homework, play quiet games or just hang out and talk.  Youth in “Tween Time” must remain in the designated quiet area, which will be supervised.  We will not be requiring students to work on homework during this time but allowing them the time to do it if they choose.

Weekly Closing

Parents will be required to attend closing for all students through 7th grade and sign their child(ren) out each week.  There are many important announcements and notes that you need to receive.  Youth will only be released to their parent(s) after he or she has been signed out at closing.  There will be three or four parents assisting with this each week.  If someone else will be picking up your child(ren), a signed permission slip must be provided to the LOGOS TeamBuilders.

Once your child has been signed out, you are responsible for him or her if they remain at church with you.  In addition to the LOGOS programs, church meetings and Senior Choir are also held on Wednesday evenings.  It is important that those programs not be interrupted.


Attendance is taken at each school prior to boarding the bus.  All LOGOS participants are asked to report to Tween Time in the Fellowship Hall upon arriving at the church to receive a small snack.  LOGOS Team members will dismiss youth to the leader of their first activity.

All youth are expected to be where they are supposed to be for the duration of LOGOS unless an absence for one of the four parts has been prearranged with the LOGOS Team.  The LOGOS Program assumes responsibility for the safety of our youth during program hours and will be contacting parents or the emergency contact person should a student not arrive for any one of the four parts during the course of the LOGOS evening.

Please call the church office at 715-684-2770 by 2:00 on Wednesday if your child(ren) will not be attending LOGOS for the evening.  If your child is not at school and the church has not been notified, we will begin contacting the parents or emergency contact person. 

School Activities

LOGOS youth in grade 5-7 that are also involved in after school activities may arrange to arrive at LOGOS immediately after the school activity has ended.  Our goal is to have these youth experience as much of LOGOS as possible.  The bus will pick up the middle school students in after school activities at Viking Middle School at 5:00pm.  Students are expected to return to full LOGOS participation once the particular school activity is over for the year.  Please let the LOGOS Director know of these situations.  Further, music lessons, dental appointments, etc. can usually be scheduled on other weekday afternoons.

Inclement Weather

Should inclement weather close schools for either the entire day or the afternoon, you can assume LOGOS will also be cancelled.  If in doubt, please contact the church office at 715-684-2770.

Electronic Equipment/Devices

Cell phones, pagers, iPods, PSPs, GameBoys, or any other electronic equipment or device will only be allowed at the discretion of the teachers (such as for activities in classes).  Any violation of this rule will result in the confiscation of the item with its return after that evening’s closing.



Visitors to our LOGOS program are always welcome.  To assure that we are prepared for the extra participants, those who are inviting a friend must call the church office to register the visitor by 3:00pm the Monday before LOGOS on Wednesday.

Visitors are expected to stay with the member(s) who invited them throughout the entire program scheduled for that particular evening and are to participate fully in all aspects of the program for the evening.  The cost of the meal for the visitor is $5.00/child.

Visitors may attend once per semester during the LOGOS year.  If, after attending, the visitor is interested in joining LOGOS and does not have a church home, please contact a LOGOS TeamBuilder for the next registration date.

Non-members of Peace Lutheran Church

Youth who are not members of Peace Lutheran Church and do not have a church home are welcome to join LOGOS.  The expectation is that they will participate in the Sunday morning worship time for which they and their fellow LOGOS members have prepared.