Parental Contributions/Participation:

Parent meetings and fees are just two components of each parent’s responsibility toward the LOGOS program.  Parental participation is the key element to the success of our LOGOS program.  A well-run program depends upon, throughout the year, hundreds of volunteers.  Volunteers are not just the teachers.  Volunteers include the parents that help as part of the Parent Squad.  Parental participation is an expectation of LOGOS for two reasons.  The first is obvious – we need your help!  The second reason is less obvious and is sometimes lost in the shuffle, but is actually more important.  When our children see us devoted to them, they thrive and intuitively understand that “Hey, this LOGOS program is really important!” 


The following list contains some of the basic ways the LOGOS program can use your participation.  You are in the best position to know exactly when your schedule allows you to help and where your gifts lie.  Please take both into consideration.

·         Kitchen assistant: preparing food, serving & cleanup duties from 4:30 – 7:30pm

·         Nursery & preschool assistants

·         Provide snacks/desserts or be a snack organizer after school

·         Teach craft/hobby – share your talents

·         Wash dishtowels

·         Decorate or set the dinner tables

·         Meeting kids at the schools to ride the bus out to church

·         Be a table parent

·         Homework supervisors, hall monitors & playground monitors

·         Direct a choir or be a choir parent

·         Teach a bible study or recreation time

·         Photographer – Bulletin board updates


LOGOS TeamBuilders will work with parents to find a volunteer commitment for every parent. 

  • Every family must sign up to help on a regular basis in one of several areas from the kitchen to the classroom to closing or you will be assigned a rotation in the kitchen. 
  • You will be responsible for finding a sub if you are unable to help due to an emergency, vacation or illness.  A sub could be a grandparent, uncle, aunt, neighbor that’s a member of Peace or another LOGOS parent.
  • If you miss more than two of your scheduled times to assist with the program, a meeting with you, Pastor Hanson and the LOGOS Director will be scheduled.  A plan of action will be developed at that time. 


Parents can also help in other ways:

·         Insist on your child(ren)’s regular attendance in the program and at Sunday morning Worship services.

·         Fulfill your commitment in your assigned areas of the LOGOS program.  Staff members in LOGOS are not paid, but are working for their Lord in committing this time for the development of young people.  By giving of your time, you render a vital service to our youth.

·         Arrange for prompt payment of LOGOS tuition.

·         Encourage and participate in daily Bible reading and prayer.

·         When your child is scheduled to participate in worship, it is important that you help your child fulfill his or her commitments by getting to the church on time.

·         Stress the importance of courtesy and good behavior at LOGOS.  Emphasis on these matters at home will greatly ease the work of our staff.