LOGOS Scholarship Program:

It is the belief of the LOGOS TeamBuilders that all families should have the opportunity to be involved in LOGOS.   No one is ever turned away from LOGOS because of financial need.  Payment plans and partial scholarships are available by speaking to any member of the LOGOS TeamBuilders and will be kept confidential.

Because of the generous people in the congregation and their families, there are funds available as scholarships for families with financial hardships or unexpected situations.  However, it is the philosophy of the LOGOS program that a commitment is important to the success of the family and the program.  The following criteria are applied to those requesting scholarship funds:

  1. Each family (parent) must decide what they are able to pay towards the tuition.  It is important that each family pay something so monies are available to everyone in need of assistance. 
  2. Each family (parent) receiving a scholarship must be sure to fulfill the commitment in assisting with the program by teaching, helping in the kitchen or other areas in need of adult volunteers.

If these requirements are not met, your family will not be eligible for scholarships in the future.