Tuition fees & Registration:

The LOGOS program costs include both a monetary fee and a commitment of time from a least one parent or guardian of each participant.  The fee covers a portion of the cost of Bible study materials, meals, additional supplies & equipment transportation and the annual LOGOS national membership fee.  The LOGOS program is primarily financially supporting through tuition fees paid for each participating youth.  For the 2017 – 2018 LOGOS program year, fees are established as follows:

Each child


Nursery (only available for helpers)


Maximum per family



Tuition can be paid in four equal installments based on the following payment schedule:

Parent meeting

25% of total outstanding balance

October 15th

25% of original balance

November 15th

25% of original balance

December 15th

25% of original balance


For those families enrolling in January 2017 for only the 2nd semester, the following payment plan is available:

Parent meeting

50% of total outstanding balance

February 15th

Remaining balance due


Envelopes will be provided at registration with the various payment due dates if requested. 


Those families still owing money for the 2016 – 2017 LOGOS year will need to have that paid prior to starting the 2017 – 2018 LOGOS year. 


LOGOS Scholarship Program:

It is the belief of the LOGOS TeamBuilders that all families should have the opportunity to be involved in LOGOS.   No one is ever turned away from LOGOS because of financial need.  Payment plans and partial scholarships are available by speaking to any member of the LOGOS TeamBuilders and will be kept confidential.


Because of the generous people in the congregation and their families, there are funds available as scholarships for families with financial hardships or unexpected situations.  However, it is the philosophy of the LOGOS program that a commitment is important to the success of the family and the program.  The following criteria are applied to those requesting scholarship funds:


  1. Each family (parent) must decide what they are able to pay towards the tuition.  It is important that each family pay something so monies are available to everyone in need of assistance. 
  2. Each family (parent) receiving a scholarship must be sure to fulfill the commitment in assisting with the program by teaching, helping in the kitchen or other areas in need of adult volunteers.


If these requirements are not met, your family will not be eligible for scholarships in the future.


Parent Meeting:

Attending a parent meeting is the ONLY way your child(ren) can be registered for LOGOS. 

During parent meetings you will be asked to:

1.     Complete registration materials for your child(ren), including medical releases and transportation authorizations.

2.     Pay tuition fees (see above for tuition fees).

3.     Understand the parental commitment as described.  Parents must help weekly or as assigned in the kitchen and at closing.

4.     Sign a parent covenant.


That’s your part.  Our part is to show you what involvement in the LOGOS program can mean to your child(ren) and to you.  Parent meetings will be held on the following dates:

·         Wednesday, September 13h at 7:00pm

·         2nd Semester meeting – by appointment - only for those new students enrolling for the 2nd semester.