Worship Arts Time:

The goal of the Worship Arts portion of LOGOS is to develop responsibility for and practice in worship arts because worship is our primary service to God as disciples.  Youth will be introduced to various worship arts which may include but will not be limited to choir, skits, music, puppets and other forms of worship.  Choirs will participate in worship services approximately twice a month.

Recreation Time:

The goal of the Recreation Time portion of LOGOS is to experience great fun at the expense of no one.  Relationships are developed as children, youth and adults reveal themselves in play.  Recreation Time is designated for fun, and since that means different things to different people, we try to offer as many choices as possible.  These activities will include games, crafts, or other activities giving everyone the chance to try something new each week.  Crazy games that get everyone moving and laughing allow athletes and non-athletes an equal chance for fun.

Family Time:

Family time is the one period in which all LOGOS participants are together.  It gives an opportunity for all to experience being a part of the family of God.  Dinner is served family style around tables led by Table Parents.  During dinner, everyone is given a chance to share, to serve others and to use table manners.  Dinner is hosted by a Dinner Dean who leads the group in grace, table games, and thanks to the cooks.  “Holy hilarity” (known as noise to some of us) is known to occur during this segment of LOGOS. 

Bible Study Time:

Bible Study is the heart of the LOGOS program.  It is designed to be creative, relevant and interactive.  The goal of Bible Study Time is to nurture children and young people into obedient, intelligent, Biblically informed discipleship.  It also provides the model for building and sustaining Christian relationships.


Childcare is available for those children younger than 1st grade who have a parent helping as part of the LOGOS staff.  Due to current staffing, it is only available during those times a parent is helping with his/her area of the LOGOS program.