Section 1:  The LOGOS Program

What is LOGOS?

LOGOS is a program of Christian education and nurture-based on a model of youth ministry developed more than 30 years ago.  It is a four-part, mid-week program that enables the church to offer its young people the positive aspect of a retreat on a weekly basis.  Young people enjoy Christian fellowship through creative recreation, participation in worship & choir, study of contemporary and Biblical values and sharing a meal together.


LOGOS also provides an opportunity to explore one’s identity in a Christian environment.  The program is a valuable tool for family involvement and renewal as well, as parents, and other members of the church are drawn into active participation by giving everyone a chance to share and serve others. 


LOGOS is neither a substitute for, nor a replacement of, standard Christian education programs as Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.  Rather, LOGOS seeks to support and supplement these ongoing efforts.  It is another unique area of Christian nurture that strongly enhances the total Christian education program of the church.


The Basics of LOGOS

As a member of the LOGOS System Associates, Peace Lutheran Church of Baldwin will maintain certain basis standards of procedure in administering our LOGOS program:

·         All children and youth in grades 1 through 7 are eligible to participate in the entire program. 

·         The program is financially self-supporting through tuition and annual fundraiser.

Parent and congregational support and participation are essential to the success of the program